Learning to ride a bike is really a fundamental step. A rite of passage and the acquisition of a skill that will never be lost again. Furthermore, cycling together is good for the relationship between children and parents. (And riding a bicycle is absolutely good for children , the body and the psyche). Therefore, it is normal to ask how to teach children to ride effectively, without fear of falling or frustration of the first failed attempts to convince children to give up.

Teach children to ride bikes: things to know
Okay, you’ve decided it’s time to teach kids to ride bikes. Here are the things you need to consider to get off on the right foot.

1 A good mood is (almost) everything
Every act of learning, from the simplest to the most complex, needs a peaceful and joyful environment. (It is no coincidence that we can even teach mathematics with numbers games for children ). So don’t stress the child with deadlines (“you must have learned tonight!”) Or comparisons (“your sister at your age already knew how to go”). And stop as soon as the child shows he is tired and not having fun anymore.

2 Encouragement does the rest
Don’t stop encouraging him warmly, tell him that he will soon be able to go all alone. And he announces that small failures, falls and stumbles are a (necessary) part of the game. To build self-esteem in children, no praise is needed, but the encouragement to have confidence in one’s abilities.

3 Choose the right place and time
The summer, or a nice sunny day in winter is just fine. The important thing is that you have all the time you need to dedicate yourself to teaching children to ride a bike. Better a weekend, so you can do two sessions if necessary. Maybe, break the “lesson” with other outdoor games . Choose also a place without traffic, obviously, preferably grassy and with a slight slope that you will need, as we will see later.

4 Proceed by stages
Beyond what is commonly believed and commonly done, the child can learn by himself, without having to push it or support it by running after it. The important thing is, however, that teaching proceeds in stages and that the child can learn to manage one skill at a time, in sequence:

keep in balance
to steer
to brake.
teach children to ride bikes

Learning to ride a bike without wheels: the steps
As we said, make sure that your child can learn the skills needed to ride a bike without wheels. But it all starts with the bike.