Sports uniform becomes an emblem and the recognition for a team. Teams should carefully choose and order custom sports uniforms as they cannot afford to go wrong here. Since uniform is an integral part of the team, the custom sports uniforms should be designed carefully to avoid inconvenience later.The mistakes made in designing custom sports uniforms not only waste time because it takes so much planning and effort but also money and resources. Furthermore, it eliminates professionalism from work, and it is likely that it will affect your reputation
There are some mistakes that are made when Companies design custom sports uniforms. Following mistakes are commonly made and should be avoided.

Typing errors

Typos or misspellings will make the whole bunch of uniforms unusable, and you will have to remake them. Errors in the written text also occur when the correct file type is not chosen, making it unreadable.This can cause a lot of problems.Avoiding this mistake will save you the embarrassment later.

Over designing

Designers often go overboard when they are designing uniforms for the first time. This makes the final outlook of the uniform monotonous, and it does not stand out when players wear them in front of an audience. Complex designs or too many colours and shades don’t look appealing and make your custom sports uniform look haphazardly designed.Try to keep a general theme with maximum 3 colors in contrast to make your custom soccer uniforms melbourne stand out.

Size doesn’t fit right

The size of the uniform is very important. It’s of no use if the shirts do not match the size of players/buyers because they look unprofessional.Make sure not to keep a free size that is assumed to fit all.Avoid this mistake by keeping at least three free range sizes that the individual can choose from.

Style does not match the persona

Uniforms that look good on men do not have the same effect when worn by women. The cut, style and look of the jerseys are kept the same for both genders.Try going for smaller sizes and a more petite cut when designing custom sports uniform for women.This ensures that both the gender are well accommodated.

Insufficient time given to screen printing

Screen printing takes time. Not leaving enough time to make custom sports uniforms means the order will not be ready when it’s due. Try to place an order before hand so you can ensure your layers will have enough time to try and break in the new uniforms specially before a big match.

It is beneficial to make a sample first according to the credentials given by the buyers to not waste time, resources and money. Preview the final outlook beforehand it is made to ensure the best possible outcome.